The original version of this aircraft, the single-engine high-wing monoplane PA-18 Super Cub, was powered by a 90 hp Continental C90-12F flat-four air-cooled engine and was first made available to the public in 1949. Following receipt of its type certificate on November 18, 1949, it proved an immediate success as a follow-on to the earlier Cub variants, though the effects of a lingering post-WWII recession almost certainly had an adverse impact on sales. The PA 18-105, powered by a 108 hp engine, was a significant penultimate variant of the standard first-generation Cub series, and offered (for the first time) flaps, greatly improved cruising and maximum speeds, and increased payload. Between 1949 and completion of the last Piper-built aircraft in 1981, the PA-18 appeared in progressively improved variants and was steadily uprated in horsepower. Not surprisingly, in its final Piper production version, as the PA-18-150, its basic configuration had actually changed little from that of the original Cub built in the 1930s. A braced, high-wing monoplane construction was primarily steel tube for the fuselage and wood and aluminum for the wing . . . all with fabric covering. Total production was approximately 2,650 aircraft with another 1,530 or so being sold for military use.


Accommodation: 2 in tandem seating
Powerplant: 1 x 160 hp Lycoming O-320-B2B air-cooled engine
Fueltank: 2 x 18 Gallons -> STC 2 x 26 Gallons
Fuel: AvGas & STC MoGas
Length: 22 ft. 7 in.
Wingspan: 35 ft. 3 in.
Wing Area: 178 sq. ft
Height: 6 ft. 8.5 in.
Empty Weight: 983 lb.
Loaded Weight: 1,750 lb. -> STC 2,000 lb.
Max. Speed: 130 mph
Service Ceiling: 19,000 ft.
Max. Range at Cruise: 460 miles -> STC 660 miles



Registered: HB-PQP
Serial Number: 18-5380
Manufacturer Name: Piper Aircraft Corporation
Model: PA-18 150
Type Aircraft: Fixed Wing Single-Engine
Manufacturer Year: 1957
Type Registration: Utility, Normal



PFD / NAV (GPS): Garmin 7" G3X Touchscreen Flight Display
Pitot / AOA Probe: Garmin GAP 26
Standby PFD: Garmin G5
Communication: Garmin GTR 225A
Transponder: Garmin GTX 328XPDR
Flarm: Garrecht Flarm AT-1 
Engine Instrument: CGR-30P
Skisteuerung: Evolaris ACTM 2